Your Health & Wellness Matter

Our bodies hold the innate intelligence of our being.  All of our life  experiences from birth until this present moment rest in our tissues, sometimes manifesting  in dis-ease. 

Andi D. RMT is an Integrative CranialSacral Therapist, that focuses on healing from the inside out. Arching into the body to locate the destination of where healing is needed most in the moment,  and how it links to the overall picture of wellness for each person. 

Helping you Help Yourself

"My Ultimate wish for people is  for them to feel free and empowered. To know thy "Self" as an extension of pure potential. To understand that we are the creator of our own universe, gives us great power to heal and thrive. As an alternative & spirit based practitioner, my approach to bodywork is to peel back the layers of our life to revel what might be hidden. As each layer is exposed and healed we gain the experience of freedom and ease. 

Touch is a Most Powerful Tool

Touch is a most powerful tool, which when not attached to the outcome has the potential to bring joy and ease to all beings . For some, trauma is present  by genetics or at birth,  resulting in those with special needs. 

Andi D has the distinct  privilege of working with children who have developmental conditions, birth trauma and rare genetic syndrome. While she may not be able to "cure" them, she does have to ability to provide an improved quality of life.