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I cannot say enough good things about Andi. She has helped me recover from my post concussion symptoms. I used to have daily headaches and migraines to now going months without them. I also had really bad constant pressure in my head which has drastically reduced. Andi addresses the whole person and is incredibly intuitive. She’s extremely thorough and knowledgeable about the craniosacral system and explains everything to you. I am forever grateful for finding Andi and I’m so pleased that she is sharing her special gift with the world. I will be a lifelong client of hers for as long as she will have me. Thank you Andi for all that you’ve done to help myself and others.

Leslie Brown

Andi is an incredible healer! Before explaining why, I need to provide some information about my medical journey. Seven years ago, I fell while skiing and jammed my thumb. This minor injury turned into a debilitating neurological pain disease known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), in my right hand and forearm. The medical community does not understand the causes of CRPS nor is there a cure. This disease has the highest pain levels  according to the McGill Pain Scale, surpassing both child birth and limb amputation. Not only am I dealing with 24/7 pain in my right arm, but I was also diagnosed with severe spinal stenosis requiring a fusion surgery in the cervical portion of my spine. A Neurosurgeon widened my spinal canal by inserting a cadaver piece of bone and a titanium plate and screws. Following the fusion surgery, I was accepted into the Neuromodulation Program at the General. I had a Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS), implant surgery in 2016. The SCS sends electrical impulses up my spine by way of a small wire that has been fed up the spinal column to the place in my neck that corresponds to the feelings in my right arm. These electrical impulses intercept the firing of the pain receptors sent from my brain. So instead of feeling pain, I feel a buzzing sensation in my right arm. The SCS implant is very much needed to combat CRPS pain, but my back and spine are often stiff and sore around the site of the device. Andi's techniques have made such a difference to the overall health of my spine and back, not to mention the overall reduction in body pain. I highly recommend Andi to anyone experiencing acute or chronic pain. I can't say enough about her innate ability to pinpoint and target the areas of the body in need of relief. I feel so blessed to have found such a caring and gifted practitioner.

Stacey Allen-Cillis

Andi has been my human in peace and respite for a couple of years now.  She has an innate ability to read your body and know exactly what to do to practise her healing gifts in just the right way.  I have had the absolute pleasure of sharing a very safe space with Andi and have gratefully received the benefits of cranial sacral therapy, massage and overall physical wellness from our time together.   She is a force of true love and light for her clients and I am forever grateful to have met her and to be helped by her each and every time.   I also appreciate that Andi is so very intuitive with my two teens and has such a great rapport with everyone she encounters.  I could go on and on... Andi is a healer....  gifted, admired and appreciated.  Book your appointment and let Andi D work her magic!

Janice Stephenson

I started going to Andi about a year ago with symptoms of menieres. Dizziness and imbalance and ear problems. She showed me exactly what she thought was contributing to it and where it came from in the skull. I also had tmj issues that were part of it. I felt some relief right away from the first treatment and eventually those issues were gone. Andi is trult amazing. She is kind and gentle and very knowlegable about her work. I always felt calmer and less worried about what was going on. I can't imagine not continuing to see her. I also attended one of her yoga restorative sessions and felt great after. She is truly one of a kind.

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